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Dibber Preschool Wilanów

Facility for children aged 2.5-6. Nursery group opening in September 2024 – Enrollments started! (children from 22 months). Our exceptional, almost home-like Preschool is equipped with 3 spacious rooms, which are arranged according to the principles of space division for Dibber children. przedszkole-dibber-wilanow

The arrangement of our rooms allows each area of a child's development to have dedicated space, which allows for additional reinforcement of learning in a specific area and gives a new dimension to both individual and group play.

In addition, the preschool has a special room for creative tasks, where we develop children's artistic senses. This magical, separate space dedicated to imagination brings diversity to the everyday use of the preschool environment. Furthermore, for daily gymnastics classes, we use professional equipment traditionally used in sensory integration activities, which allows us to effectively develop gross motor skills in children of all ages.

In the vicinity of our preschool, there are convenient walking areas for children, as well as a well-equipped playground in the inner patio of the housing estate where our preschool is located.


Al. Rzeczypospolitej 20 / U4
02-972 Warszawa

Opening hours

7:30 - 18:00

Contact information

+48 572 523 800

Unit manager

Magdalena Jordan

Get to know the unit Manager


Childhood is the most beautiful period in a person's life. Full of carefree adventures, hungry for exploring the world, exploring everything here and now.

As far back as I can remember, I felt a special connection with the youngest ones. I could easily earn the trust and affection of children, which further helped me in observing and understanding their beautiful and complex development, as well as their surroundings. I am delighted, therefore, that I could join the circle of Dibber friends and support the aforementioned, versatile development of your children.

I take pride in the fact that through my work, I can contribute to shaping and strengthening the sense of self-worth in these curious little explorers. This is a crucial element of Dibber's pedagogy.

I would like every child belonging to the Dibber family to feel emotionally cared for and to have a real belief in themselves, their abilities, and uniqueness, as each of them is undoubtedly special.

I make every effort to ensure that holistic development and learning in our kindergarten are an unforgettable and valuable experience for both children and their parents.

Magdalena Jordan

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