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The Dibber Childhood – Cultivating Global Citizens of Tomorrow

Dibber’s pedagogy is founded on a belief in children’s intrinsic value. In the words of our founders, Randi and Hans Jacob Sundby, “Imagine how wonderful it would be if every child knew how valuable they are.” At Dibber International Nursery & Preschools, children are active participants in their own lives and learning. This helps strengthen “danning,” which is a Norwegian concept that promotes formative development through unity, shared values, decision-making, and self-expression.

Furthermore, our practices are “driven by heart” or what we like to fondly call “Heart Culture.” Relationships are important and we teach children that building connections and cherishing them is essential. This creates a welcoming atmosphere where every child feels comfortable and safe to express and grow into themselves.

Let us look at how Dibber encourages early childhood education for the global citizens of tomorrow:

  1. Empathy and respect in early childhood education 

The Dibber environment lays the foundation for raising empathetic, compassionate individuals who will become conscientious contributors to society. While forming relationships is an essential social skill, children are taught to treat everyone with respect just as we believe that they must be treated with respect.

2. Fostering creativity to prepare children for a globalized world 

Children are naturally curious and exploratory. Dibber’s engaged educators fuel this fire by providing them with opportunities, indoors and outdoors, to engage their minds in creative pursuits. With an experience spanning over 2 decades and 600+ schools across 10 countries, our global perspective helps us shape children’s early journeys. We can never predict when their experiments may lead us to new discoveries, creating a wonderful learning opportunity and a magical environment.

3. Global communication skills for kids 

Dibber International Preschools and Nurseries in Poland are bilingual, giving children the opportunity to become proficient in more than one language before the age of 7. In a world where communication skills are highly valued, how encouraging would it be for children to learn multiple languages in their early years? This could potentially help open doors of opportunities for higher learning as they progress.

4. Collaboration and open-mindedness in early education 

As an international preschool and nursery chain, Dibber is committed to integrating cultural sensitivity and a collaborative spirit in all its activities. Children are taught to appreciate individual differences and foster a sense of oneness, which will help promote a global mindset.

5. Global citizenship development 

In an ever-evolving world, it is crucial for the future generation to be amenable and adaptive to the happenings of the wider world and be aware of their place in it. Our aim is to lay a solid foundation during the early years, raising responsible and warm-hearted individuals who are community-oriented and keen to make positive change.

6. Developing critical thinking skills in children 

At Dibber, children are encouraged to experience the joy of mastery using all areas of development (physical, emotional, social, and cognitive) in their learning journey. This strengthens connections in the brain and facilitates a deeper level of understanding, so children not only learn “what to learn” but also “how to learn.” This generates a love for lifelong learning and well-being.

The Dibber way to cultivate global citizens is to make daily activities come to life with a pinch of wonder and magic, so children may carry these values into adulthood. Traits such as dedication, flexibility, critical thinking, cross-cultural awareness are characteristic of global citizenship, and we try to sow the seeds to developing them in the early years by cultivating a love for lifelong learning. In this way, we hope to inspire children to continue amassing the knowledge and skills required to successfully navigate their lives in an increasingly connected world.

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