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Dibber Philosophy


Dibber Way: Developing Future Competencies and Socio-Emotional Skills


Multilingualism: We aim for our children to succeed as global citizens


Health: Comprehensive programs - Dibber Meal and Outdoor Pedagogy

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We believe that holistic teaching and development occur through regular social interactions.

In Dibber preschools, we take children's feelings seriously. Every day, we strengthen their sense of self-worth, build friendships together, and create opportunities for learning and experiencing.

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We perceive the child as a competent individual with their own will and even specialized knowledge. Together with us, children participate, engage, and co-create. We don't see them as raw material to shape because they possess innate resources that should be acknowledged and nurtured. At an early stage, we discover children's unique talents and strive to strengthen them. Our activities are planned taking into account each child's individual skills, experiences, knowledge, and needs.We regularly introduce new elements and challenges to measure the progress of each child, building their self-confidence while nurturing the educational aspect.

According to estimates by Oxford University, half of the existing professions today will disappear within the next 25 years due to technological changes. That's why in Dibber preschools, we focus on developing the most essential future competencies. We believe that through our contribution to education, future generations will be better, more open, and have a "where there's a will, there's a way" approach.

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Why Dibber?

We operate over 550 high-quality nursery, preschool, and school facilities in 8 countries.

We are the number one provider in Scandinavia

Simultaneously, we are one of the world's largest early education service providers. Currently, we operate over 550 high-quality nursery, preschool, and school facilities in 9 countries worldwide, including Germany, South Africa, India, United Arab Emirates, Latvia, and starting from 2022, also in Poland.

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