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Opening a Dedicated Dibber Preschool for Your Company:

Dibber offers the opportunity to open a preschool near or within your company's premises (depending on expectations and feasibility). We will prepare and operate the preschool according to our high standards, with the option to customize the location, working hours, and educational program to suit your company's needs and values. Our experienced pedagogical team will provide children with a warm, creative, and safe atmosphere, and our early education specialists will collaborate with you to align the teaching program with your company's and parents' expectations


Dibber Preschool Benefit for Employees:

Due to our expanding network of preschools throughout Poland, we offer your employees the opportunity to access our preschools in the most convenient locations, on preferential terms. This solution serves as an excellent complement or alternative to dedicated company preschools, particularly in the era of remote work. Such a program positively influences employee loyalty during dynamic changes in the job market. Together, we will develop a flexible plan that allows your employees to benefit from our preschools with full pedagogical and caregiving support. The Dibber preschool program will provide your employees with peace of mind, knowing that their children are in a safe and nurturing environment

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Dibber Education Poland offers corporate client cooperation programs that allow for the establishment of a dedicated preschool near the company's headquarters or additional access to any Dibber preschool for your employees as benefit program, for the key personnel.

Collaboration with Developers

In the era of increasing awareness of the importance of sustainable development in residential, work, and leisure areas, more and more families, local governments, and property developers are recognizing the need for preschool facilities in their chosen neighborhoods or planned projects.

Dibber Group collaborates worldwide with property developers to create spaces that are also child-friendly in newly designed construction ventures. We firmly believe that together, we can create creative and safe environments that meet the expectations of your clients and contribute to the competitiveness of your investments. We offer attractive collaboration opportunities that allow us to provide exceptional educational and childcare spaces for your youngest clients.

Collaboration with real estate agnets

Considering our dynamic expansion plans in Poland, Dibber invites companies involved in rental property brokerage to collaborate with us. We are seeking buildings and premises that meet the criteria for establishing preschool facilities.

Our specialists will work together with you to quickly assess the compliance of the building or premises with the required regulations. We are interested in locations in the largest cities in Poland and their close surroundings. We firmly believe that our collaboration will contribute to the creation of attractive childcare and educational spaces for young children, while meeting the high standards and expectations of our clients.

Are you seeking a strategic investor or considering selling your preschool?

For the past 20 years, Dibber Group has been actively working and growing in the education industry, with plans to continue this strategy for decades to come.

For many individual entrepreneurs operating in this field, we can be an interesting partner who will allow them to continue and develop their established preschools or schools as their successor. We invite both those interested in selling their preschool or school in the short term and those seeking longer-term, multi-year partnerships with defined exit conditions.

Collaborating with a strategic investor like Dibber offers a convenient model that addresses key concerns of individual entrepreneurs and guarantees them a secure exit from the investment, as soon as they choose to make that decision.

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