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Dibber International Preschools are significant new educational institutions in Poland. The existing and upcoming preschools are becoming part of the larger international Dibber family, drawing from both the Norwegian roots of the company and the extensive global experience gained over the years


Dibber Group is currently the largest partner for parents of preschool children in Scandinavia and one of the largest in the world. Dibber is a place with a vision for the future, respect for others, and a culture of compassion that applies to all children, employees, and partners of our preschools


Our employees have access to a vast knowledge base and regular pedagogical training, based on the 20-year-old Dibber educational program, which is currently ranked number one in Scandinavian countries

Dibber employs over nine thousand employees worldwide

It is through their work that they provide daily opportunities for the development of our most precious children

Join Dibber: An ideal workplace where passionate educators shape their future!

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