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Our OPEN DAY is here!

Come, join us and unveil the magic of lifelong learning, the 'Dibber Way'! 

13th April ,2024 (Saturday)

Wilanów | Służewiec | Gdynia, Pustki

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A Surprise Spot Offer Awaits You! 

Attend our Open Day on April 13th for a surprise offer
& a world of learning for your child.

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Why choose Dibber for
early childhood education?

Come and experience our world-class facilities, interact with our warm-hearted and engaged educators, tour our safe and spacious outdoor and indoor play areas, bright and sunny classrooms, and learn more about the Nordic curriculum.

What else makes us special? 

Inclusive Small
Group Learning

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Exciting Bilingual Classes in Polish & English


Daily Outdoor Adventures
& Learning Through Play


Modern Learning Approach for Holistic Development

Visit Us to Experience the Dibber Way of Learning 

Are you ready to experience our ‘Heart Culture’ & Nordic Pedagogy that guides
your child in developing a kind heart & an inquisitive mind?


Dibber International Preschool Wilanów 


Al. Rzeczypospolitej 20 / U4, 02-972



  • Spring Gardener - Planting Saplings 

  • Colors & Creativity with Playdough 

  • Music and Movement Through Play 

Time: 10:00 to 12:00


Dibber International Nursery & Preschool

ul. Cybernetyki 4, 02-677 Warszawa 

Time: 10:00 to 12:00


  • First Look Inside Dibber Preschool 

  • Fun With Music in Spanish 

  • Stimulating Sensory Activities 

  • Fueling Fun with Healthy Snacks


Dibber International Nursery & Preschool

ul. Pawia 29A, 81-078 Gdynia 

Time: 10:00 to 13:00


  • Fun Experiments with Nature 

  • Creative Art Adventures  

  • Engaging Senses Through Play 

  • Giggles & Bouncing Bubbles

What Will Being Part of Dibber International
Preschools Mean to Your Child?

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Our Heart Culture

We believe it is important for children to experience strong heart culture and build interpersonal skills. It is also vital for children to experience a strong heart culture and develop a good self-image. Through play and everyday activities, we want to foster inclusive communities.

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Playful Learning

Traditionally, ‘play’ and ‘learning’ are seen as opposites. At Dibber, we strive to change this approach. Through play, children learn to use all their senses, interact and develop their social skills, experience empathy and self-worth.

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Holistic Child Development

We always follow each individual child's needs, experiences, skills and knowledge when planning learning opportunities and activities. We then ensure progression by regularly introducing newer elements to challenges, inspire self-confidence, and facilitate holistic and lifelong learning.

About Dibber 

Founded in Norway in 2003, Dibber is Northern Europe’s largest preschool chain with 600+ established schools in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Germany, Poland, South Africa, UAE, Hong Kong, and India. We provide Early Childhood Development with the aim of making every child feel valuable, focusing on their holistic development, and helping them become the best versions of themselves through our interactive and play-based learning approaches.

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Our Global Presence

Discover how Dibber brings the Nordic Pedagogy to schools around the world!

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