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Dibber Preschool Pustki

Facility for children aged 1-6. The preschool in Gdynia is located in a single-family house adapted for preschool purposes. The unit is situated in the vicinity of other single-family homes, giving it a cozy character and providing a peaceful environment.

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Within the preschool, we have 3 spacious rooms divided into interest corners for children according to the principles adopted by Dibber.

Every day, we implement an educational and developmental program while maintaining a balance, which directly contributes to enhancing children's cognitive abilities. The learning corners provide children with the opportunity for both free and guided play in specific themes, thus promoting their development in various areas.

We have a spacious playground equipped with certified toys. The main playground is accessible through a relaxation area located around the house. This is our magical path where we can find intimate, shaded corners for nurturing our own herb and flower cultivation.


ul. Pawia 29A
81-078 Gdynia

Opening hours

7:00 - 18:00

Contact information

+48 535 860 086

Unit manager

Anna Dyrda

Get to know the unit Manager


In choosing my current career path, I was driven by an inner need to understand and connect with the world of children and the environment that significantly shapes them. By providing children with a conducive space for growth, we open the path to a happy life filled with self-assurance, a sense of worth, and the development of their own identity.

The period of childhood is the foundation for human development and overseeing the educational and administrative activities of the preschool, as well as supporting teachers in their work, fills me with extraordinary energy that accompanies me both professionally and personally.

Anna Dyrda

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