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Dibber Preschool Piaseczno

Facility for children aged 2.5-6. Nursery group opening in September 2024 – Enrollments started! (children from 22 months). The preschool is located in Piaseczno, a suburb of Warsaw, where in an office building on the outskirts of the city, we have an extraordinary space for children. przedszkole-piaseczno

The preschool is located on the ground floor at the rear of the building to provide tranquility for all users of our space.

We have four very spacious rooms prepared for the care and education of children according to the Dibber concept. Each room has a dedicated space for each area of a child's development, creating a magical place for thematic play for children.

Our preschool has its own spacious garden, which has been arranged as a playground with certified toys and a space for various educational activities outside the preschool premises.


ul. Puławska 45b lok.5
05-500 Piaseczno

Opening hours

6:45 - 18:00

Contact information

+48 789 207 867

Unit manager

Patrycja Wesołowska

Get to know the unit Manager


Working in a preschool is my passion. Educating children is the most important mission of our profession. I create a place that can provide a sense of security for both children and parents.

In my work, I follow a principle that aligns with Dibber's values - the best educational outcomes for children are achieved through play. By using new teaching methods and innovations, we have ample opportunities to deepen knowledge while nurturing the beauty of children's spontaneity.

The role of adults in creating a pleasant atmosphere that fosters development and learning in children is crucial. However, our children also play an equally important role in this process. Every day, I see how much I can learn from them. I believe that together, we can build the best environment for preschool education.

Patrycja Wesołowska

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